The ‘Fearless’ initiative

While the gang-rape in Delhi has highlighted the fundamental misogyny in our society and prompted millions of Indian women to push for a change in civil laws and societal attitudes, it has also caused an increased fear for safety. For instance, even in my small hill-station where crime is relatively low, my 25-year old friend’s parents have warned her not to walk around earFearlessFinally in the morning because they’d seen a ‘suspicious man’ and insist that she take a taxi back when it becomes dark in the evenings. Although well-intentioned, this perpetuates a social phenomenon that restricts women’s lives, This fear oppresses and subordinates all women, curbing their freedom.

To combat this, Bangalore artist Shilo Suleman initiated the ‘Fearless’ initiative to urge women to fight fear and take back the streets of their cities in their own way. She has invited artists and designers to create posters around this message, which will then be displayed at a flea market festival in Bangalore.

I think that it’s important to work through this fear. Safety is necessary, but not at the expense of our freedom to live life unrestricted.

This is my poster design for the initiative. You can view the rest of the collection here.

Update: The Madder Moon gallery in Singapore will be exhibiting the Fearless initiative’s posters and using the designs for fundraising, of which the proceeds will be given to a suitable women’s charity.

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