Announcing the birth of the Omegas

February 08, 2013

Day before yesterday, on February 6, Turtle finally littered, and is now the proud momma of 5 tiny little kittens. They are totes adorable. Three are black, one is brown and the last is a mini calico version of Turtle. I’ve named them Omega One, Omega Two, Omega Three, Omega Four and Omega Five (for now). Omega One is currently kicking Omega Three in the head. Not sure if accidental or on purpose.

Let me assure you, before you get scared away, that this blog is not going to be completely about cats. Valentine’s day is just a week away and I’m looking up DIY ideas for gifts for The Boyfriend. We had a nasty spat last week and I thought that I’d be trying to ignore Feb 14th this year as usual, but we started talking yesterday, and since I love sending parcels by post, I decided to go ahead regardless.

Living in a small town in a hill station (think smaller than Buffy’s hometown, Sunnydale) I doubt I’m going to be able to find anything mindblowingly amazing. So far, I’ve made small love coupons and decided to bake a small batch of cookies and make a mix CD to send along with perhaps a wooly cap to wear when he comes to visit me. I think I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow, damn.

I’m also going to print out this image tomorrow for the card. It ‘s quite perfect for the Boyfriend and me.


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