A Note To Anyone Who’s Ever Loved Me

If you’ve ever loved me, thank you.

Growing up, I wasn’t sure that I would ever be loved by someone. I knew that I was likeable, but unsure if I was loveable. Even though you might think that you’re a lovable person, you’re never completely sure, you know? Without a second opinion, I was just that solitary strange girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart. So, thank you. I’m grateful that, after getting to know me, the real me, you still decided that I was worth loving. Thank you for proving me wrong.

I remember your love; long, random conversations or spooning under blankets or walking hand-in-hand against swift,chilly winds, or eating food that you made for me or burying my head against your neck and the happiness in your voice; I won’t ever forget the way it made me feel. People won’t tell you that you actually need love, so for the longest time, I lived without needing it to survive. I didn’t realize how much warmer your days are when you have someone that makes sense and treats you with kindness. Thank you for helping create a me who is loved.

I’m going to carry your love with me. Like Antony and the Johnsons sang ” when all is falling on the seizure of pain/when I become lost in the dark blackness/when my mind is broken into a thousand pieces/thank you for your love”.

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