‘Amy’ by Rajan: Easy on the ears

‘Amy’ debuted onto my Facebook timeline as a result of aggressive social media promotion ie. spamming by his bandmates in Frank’s Got The Funk and Junkyard Groove (“he doesn’t have 16 lakhs to spend on an album and advertising and all”).

Rajan uses a lo-fi formula of vocals and acoustic guitar. But then, everything about ‘Amy’ is stripped down, and therein lays its charm: at the song’s core lies an engaging, elegant simplicity. With a delicately finger-picked guitar arrangement and seemingly effortless tunefulness, Rajan achieves a comfortable, gentle sound to soothe even the most jaded. Inviting, warm, though not particularly distinctive, Rajan’s voice is a suitable partner for his unassuming aesthetic. The lyrics “Although the world I’ve lost/ My world you give direction” and “And so like gravity you’ll pull/ Pull my soul to your dimension” are simple and predictive, ergo, easily digestible.

Comparing favorably with views of older videos from more famous rock’n’roll bands, in a week, ‘Amy’ has racked up 8,384 YouTube views. Rajan however, achieves this without any pretentiousness, just his voice and guitar. The song casts a humble spell; there is nothing immediately special about it except for an ineffable sense that there is in fact something special about it.

Acclaim for ‘Amy’: “It’s a nice sounding song. Who sang it? Oh, from where? Chennai, ah? Not bad at all” ~ Ma

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