In defence of Valentine’s Day

When I was single, I never gave  Valentine’s day too much thought. I simply regarded it as grossly commercialized. However, this year, perhaps because I’ve crossed over to the dark side, I’ve realized just how much this day is detested by so many people. The problem I think, is the absolute focus on material items and making the day exclusively about romantic love. This may be naive, but February 14th is a day to celebrate love – there is no fine print. It’s easy to find non-expensive, non-consumerist ways to express your love for your family, friends, significant other, pet, tree etc. Appreciating those you care about as often as you can is important, but sometimes, humans  desire special symbols that bring them out of the day-in day-out routine of life. Through the time and effort involved with doing something a little extra, we affirm our desire to will the good of another.

I hope that I let people know that I love them enough all year long, but a day that reminds me to send out real mail to people (like with a stamp and not an “@” symbol) or bake cookies or send my boyfriend a t-shirt that I know he likes, is cool with me.

The Boyfriend is forever complaining about  how there’s no food at home for him to eat, so for his Feb 14th care package, I decided that I would send him mini cooking items that  would make him a complete meal. I was initially just going to send him noodles, cookies and some alcohol, but evidently I got carried away.

What I sent:


1A: Fortune Crepes & PB Mini Cups
1B: Jaggery & Ginger Cookies
2 : Valentine’s Day Card and letter
3 : Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Relationship Success booklet
4 : Non-metal music CD
5A: Egg Noodles
5B: Alphabet Friams
5C: Pasta
5D: Sweet Chilli Sauce
5E: George’s Marinara Pasta Sauce
5F:A miniature JD Whiskey (plastic bottle)

I’ve also wanted to send him a t-shirt for a long time. I was contemplating a simple black tee with ‘No.’ in white in the center, but decided to save that for another day. Instead, I sent him this Bane Kitty t-shirt that is a compromise between his love for Bane and my affection for kitties. I adore the card I gave him. I think it’s perfect.


I received a bouquet of flowers and two books I’ve been wanting to read for a while.


Personally, I loved the messages in the cards just as much. We have a compatible sense of humour, okay.


So, next year, be subversive. Try liking February 14th. Instead of promoting what you hate, why not promote what you love?

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