A Veggie Venture

After my failed attempt at making Fortune Cookies resulted in Fortune Crepes,I decided to take a break from baking for a bit.  Since there were no non-vegetarian items at home, I followed this recipe featuring vegetables only.

Buttered Vegetable Medley


1.baby corn
2.red and yellow capsicum
3.an onion
7.olive oil
9.soya sauce

1) Slice the baby corn into halves lengthwise. Put in water and boil. Take a bite of the baby corn to test whether the corn is boiled enough for you .
2) Mix cornflour and water in a small bowl so that it forms a semi-solid mixture. IMG_7402-001
3) Heat up oil in a frying pan. Dip each piece of paneer into the mixture and then fry it in the pan. You’ll know that the paneer has been friend, when it turns slightly brown. Keep the fried paneer aside.
4) Cut up 3/4ths of one red capsicum and 3/4ths of one yellow capsicum. Chop one large onion.
5) Add olive oil to another frying pan. Then add around 21/2 tablespoons of butter.
6) Tip in the chopped onion and fry until the onion becomes more translucent. *I love the smell of onions frying in butter*.
7) Add the capsicum to the pan and fry until you can see the pieces changing colour.
8) Stir in the baby corn, and then add the paneer.
9) Add a teaspoon and a bit of soya sauce. Stir over all the vegetables and paneer. Make sure that the sauce covers everything. You can add some extra butter if you want.
10) Sprinkle a pinch of ajinomoto and a pinch of pepper.
11) Stir for another minute or so and then serve.IMG_7403-001

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