Sleep Aid: helping the restless fall asleep

When your boyfriend is an insomniac and insists on texting and calling you at 4:00 in the morning, trying to find ways to help him sleep, becomes a matter of maintaining personal sanity.

I decided to send him a sleep sachet, and packets of hot chocolate mix.toinserrt Herbal sachets are simple to create, and they make pleasing, gentle sleep aids.

Here’s how I made the sleep sachet:

1) Cut out a big square piece of cloth
2) If it’s a white piece of cloth, paint it. Here’s a site that offers tutorials on how to make different types of scented sachets:
3) Wait until the paint dries completely, otherwise it will overpower the smell of the herbs. In the middle of the cloth, place 10 cardamom pods, 1 tbs sea salt,10 cloves, and dried rosemary. I substitued dried lemonmyphotowww verbena leaves (a favorite of mine) for the rosemary.
4) Gather up the sides of the cloth, bring it to the middle and then tie a string around it, so that it looks like a small pouch.
5) Place the satchet next to the pillow.

You can also use make sachets of lavender. Research shows that lavender also relieves anxiety, depression and fatigue. Basically, try to use herbs that create soothing smells.

So, I packed the sachet in a little cardboard box, along with a packet of hot chocolate and some mini-marshmallows and parceled it off to him.

Here’s hoping for uninterrupted sleep.

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