Resurrecting Cookie Day

When I was at school, Cookie Day was the equivalent of Friendship Day, but it came with food, which according to me, makes it better. Every year, the juniors would design a card for Cookie Day – there was usually a Thank You card, a Friendship Card, and a Romantic card. You would order a number of cards based on who you wanted to send them to, write in them and then the cards would be distributed to the dorms of the recipients. Each card came along with food – usually a packet of chips, cookies and chocolates. The money generated by Cookie Day sales would be used for the Prom fund.

Cookie Day was basically a way to appreciate people, which is never a bad thing. The cards I still have are small testimonials to friendship; reading them takes you back to the year and situation in which it was written.  I have one from a guy who I was sure would never send me a card. Inside it simply says “See, I told you I would send you a card”. Heh.

Anyhow, today my friends and I have Facebook and Gmail to keep in touch, but I thought that resurrecting Cookie Day for alumni would be a more personal way to say hello! remember this wonderful school tradition? So, I made each friend a small card and bought a small packet of bead bracelets to send along with the card. This is my finished set:




I’m sending out my Cookie Day cards tomorrow. I hope they like it.

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