Summer Birthdays

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to blog, but since it’s the weekend, I have some time on my hands to catch up. The past week has been especially crazy because I’ve started to freelance for a company that wants me to write about computer software. Anyone who knows me well would have laughed out aloud upon reading that. I mean, I still imagine internet signals shooting through the air whenever anyone mentions Wifi (*facepalm*). So, writing about web hosting and computer drivers isn’t the easiest of tasks when you’re as clueless as me, meaning that most of day goes into research and then attempting to sound like I know what I’m writing about.

I did make sure that I made time to make a birthday card for one of my best friends who turned 26 yesterday. She decided to throw a barbeque summer party to celebrate, and so in keeping with the green and yellow colors of summer, and the woe that comes with getting older, I made her this card:


First I painted the background green, then cut out the 26 and painted it yellow. I made the 26 stand out, above from the rest of the paper, by folding small bits of paper and pasting them behind the letter to give the 26 more height. Then I wrote the other numbers on the green in black felt and wrote the message in black ink. To add more depth and layers, and add texture, I glued honey-yellow beads on the 26. I teamed  the card with a bouquet of spring flowers and some small filigree silver jewelery. I hope she liked it. The barbeque itself was so


fantastic. I was perpetually eating. The appetizers were addictive and the barbequed chicken and pork was so delicious, I never stopped eating from the moment I got there – I’m not exaggerating. And there was alcohol. We don’t get a lot of opportunities to get a drink and let go a little up in the mountains, so we decided to make up for lost time. Vodka and orange juice complements barbequed meat just so perfectly we were all happy within an hour. Plus there were birthday brownies for dessert. Altogether, a perfect summer birthday.

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