Fearless Initiative Update

Yesterday, I received an update that the Fearless posters exhibited at the Singaporean art gallery Madder Moon, raised a total profit of SGD$7971 for charity! If you remember, I’d made a poster design for the initiative a couple of months ago. So, I was extremely thrilled to see pictures of it in the company of the completely amazing posters contributed by other artists (I may have even said WHAT NO WAY SHUT UP to myself).


Because I’ve been so busy lately, I hadn’t been following the developments at Madder Moon as closely as I should have. So, it was quite a pleasant surprise to receive such wonderful news out of the blue. Making a change in any form, in any small way is something to be proud of. Besides spreading awareness and solidarity, the proceeds from the Madder Moon Fearless initiative (check out more pictures from the exhibition here) will be donated to United Nations Women fund, of which an amount will be routed to Prajawala, a charitable organisation in India that supports women victims of gang rape and trafficking.

I’m so happy and proud to have been a part of this effort, to know that my art hangs on on walls throughout Singapore and beyond, reminding people to be Fearless in body and spirit.

Love and light.



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