Check out my new camera!

Hello everyone!!!

As you can tell, I’m a *tad* excited. I got a new camera a couple days ago as a present from my grandmum *bless her generous heart* and I have fallen quite in love  with it. Today, I followed Poof (the kitten) all around the house with the camera, clicking away endlessly, until she got so fed up with me that she tried to swipe the camera (it’s fine, don’t worry).

camerThis is a picture of my baby. I haven’t had a camera ever since, well, high school. I used to have one of those standard, small cameras that most of us probably had – the ones that you’d fumble with when trying to put in a new Kodak film roll, and ruin it in the process? Yeah. So, the Cybershot is perfect for me. All I have to do is aim and shoot. Plus, it looks so sexy.

All the photos I’ve accumulated over the past years are from cameras that I’ve borrowed or stolen, so it makes quite a difference to me to be able to take a picture whenever I want. Just think of all the photos of my cats looking disinterested, strange doodles, and disastrous attempts at cooking I can take! (Please do not unfollow me).

I haven’t checked out too much other than taking simple pictures. Honestly, it makes reality look so much prettier

Here’s a picture of Poof, who’s having an ostrich moment, thinking she is genius at hide-and-seek:


I’m finding the camera to be fun, fast and facile. I must warn you that you are about to be bombarded by images. I apologize in advance :).

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