Forces Of Geek Column: Top 5 Strangest Ways To Die

Hi there Readers,

Are you procrastinating? Or are you at work? Then here’s something amusing and distracting for you: my next article for Forces Of Geek on the Top 5 Strangest Ways To Die is up! Here’s an excerpt:

The only way to leave a lasting impression on humanity is either by having a successful life or being notable in death – the Wicked Witch Of The East’s only claim to fame was having a house dropped on her, after all. But, people die in real life in equally strange and unexpected ways. Coconuts that fall from trees kill around 150 people every year, around 20 people die from falling out of bed in Britain annually, and from 2003 – 2007, 108 people in the United States died because of cows. While death is inevitable, clearly we should all be worrying more about how exactly we’re going to pass on. Although there are plenty of dumb ways to die, here is our list of some of the weirder ways in which people have kicked the bucket:

5. Death By Flying Turtle

Any plumber trying to rescue a princess in a castle will tell you that turtles are deceptively dangerous.

Greek dramatist, Aeschylus would have pointedly agreed. A prediction that he would die from a blow from heaven came true in the most unlikely form. Aeschylus was taking a leisurely walk, when a turtle crashed onto his head, killing him. A hungry eagle had mistook Aeschylus’s bald head for a rock and with deadly aim, dropped the turtle onto his head to break it open (the turtle, not the head).

We will never know who was the most surprised – Aeschylus, the turtle or the eagle.

You can read the rest of the article here and leave me a comment if you’ve heard of stranger instances of death. Morbidity ftw!

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