DIY: Book Of Notes For A Friend

one of my best friends is about to volunteer at our alma mater in the Drama department for a semester. both of us know that it’s going to be quite a surreal experience. if it were me, I’d feel immediately out of place, seeing kids and teachers that had nothing to do with me when I was there and grumpy that there was no one left from the old guard I could complain to. plus, it’s just weird to go back to a place that used to be home and isn’t anymore.

so, I decided to make her a book of little encouraging and humorous notes to get her through the first couple weeks of school. there are also a couple of crosswords, join-the-dots, and colouring pages, emergency supplies, and the odd gift or two. hah, I think I’m having more fun making it than she’ll have reading it.

here are some pages of the book:


cheat sheets for surviving high school, including pills for headaches, website links for procrastination and coupons good for one hour venting sessions.


emergency supplies for hunger, bleeding, demotivation and boredom

I wrote her letters for when she would be so angry that she’d want to punch someone or when she’s sick of home. I printed out the first act of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars for her drama class, and also provided her with some pictures of age-appropriate male objectification.


I bought her a bunch of pretty golden bangles, and put them in an envelope which I labelled ‘open when you desperately need a pick-me-up’; I sealed it and then pasted this pretty blue rosette on top.


extra details:


I’m so excited to give it to her, even though I’m going to tell her that she’s only to open the book when school start’s. Good work self *pats myself on back*. Happy Mehsday you guys.

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