5 Things: Pretty Paper Goods

Are you the kind of person who’ll spend a considerable chunk of my hard-earned salary on stylish stationery & creative and unique paper goods? If you’re not, after taking a look at today’s list, you’ll understand why.

these Art Of Instruction Postcards are beautiful and unique, and if I ever buy them, I’m sure I’ll just end up hoarding them or sending them to a friend and then feeling jealous of the friend. Yes, I know I’m strange. The postcards are in French, yes, but that adds to their charm.


the world’s cutest littlest set of postal supplies you will ever find by Lea Redmond


I first discovered David Roberts’ stunning lithographs when I was given a calendar featuring his art. this 2013 calendar is just another collection of his gorgeous prints on Egypt and the Holy Land.


pretty washi tape by InTheClear to make your packaging special


just-for-keepsake packs of colorful small vintage ephemera by LisasCraftShoppe including raffle tickets, taxi coupons, bottle tops, ticket studs and stamps.


See what I mean?


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