Playlist: It’s Covered

Readers, Readers,

Yes, I know I’ve already put up a playlist of cover songs. I remember all my memories okay— real, slightly off, and imagined. It’s just that cover songs are one of my favorite things to discover on the internet so just indulge me a little. Hopefully, you’ll also fall in love with one of the covers on the playlist, and then give me all the credit when your friends are impressed when you play it for them. You can listen to this playlist uninterrupted here.

Here’s the song list:

1) Mykonos (Fleet Foxes) by Bessie – The Fleet Foxes’s song was already one of my favorites when I discovered this cover by Bessie on YouTube. The arrangement is captivating and Bessie’s lovely, haunting voice suits her rendition perfectly. I can’t put it better than one of the commenters who said “I would totally go all Little Mermaid and steal this girls voice like Ursula.”

2) Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) by The Civil Wars – Although I’ve already featured another cover of this famous song by Chris Cornell on the previous cover songs playlist, John Paul White and Joy Williams rendition is as impressive. The Civil War’s swaying, folky harmonies completely transform this familiar pop song; you’ll forget that this isn’t the original when you’re listening to it.

3) Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground (The White Stripes) by Juliana Everyday – Juliana’s lyrical style and reverb effects bring a wonderful new twist to the original.

4) Kids (MGMT) by Jack’s Mannequin – This cover was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Andrew McMahon shies away from any dramatic changes to the arrangement. He strips the song down to just voice and piano, but somehow it’s this simplicity that makes it captivating.

5) Good Feeling (Flo Rida) by Kevin Hammond – Rhythm, chords, melody – Hammond makes the cover his own.  There’s this infectious energy inherent in his guitar playing and singing that will make you go ‘holy shit’. And Jaysus, what a falsetto.

6) Hospital Beds (Cold War Kids) by Florence & The Machine – I first discovered this song when Florence’s Demo had just been released. I like demos of songs – it’s just raw voice and instrumentation which I prefer to a sand-papered, orchestrated produced version. ‘Hospital Beds’ gives Florence the opportunity to showcase her blues stripes. With vocals overpowering minimal accompaniment, the result is searingly intense.

7) Crazy (Gnarls Barkley) by Ray LaMontagne – “One of the rare covers that completely transforms the song, while paying proper homage to the original.”‘ – YouTube comment

8) Hurt (Nine Inch Nails) by Johnny Cash – This one is legendary. It’s a powerful song performed by a great artist. The video is so poignant, it might have made me think I had something in my eye. When Trent Reznor, who wrote the original, saw the music video, he famously said “I pop the video in, and wow… Tears welling, silence, goose-bumps… Wow. [I felt like] I just lost my girlfriend, because that song isn’t mine anymore… It really made me think about how powerful music is as a medium and art form.”

9) Hey Ya (Outkast) by Obadiah Parker – What was originally an extremely catchy and upbeat is given a new interpretation by Parker. He has a great voice, but this cover is also notable because it makes you realize that Outkast’s lyrics are actually quite clever, ironic and sarcastic. Did you all already know that Andre had been singing “”Y’all don’t want to hear me, you just want to dance”? I didn’t.

10) The Day Before You Came (ABBA) by Steven Wilson – This guitar ballad turns the ABBA original into a much more melancholic version. It’s quiet but expressive.

11) Gangnam Style (Psy) by Hope Johnson and Maggie Rosenberg – I expect that you’re all so sick of the original, that any cover will only seem like an improvement. Hope and Maggie use a ukelele and a guitar for their acoustic interpretation of the song. It’s enjoyable. Bonus: the cat that photobombs this video.

Enjoy the music, and let me know if there are any amazing covers I should feature.

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