Forces Of Geek Column: Top 5 TV Towns

Who amongst us is not addicted to a TV show, amirite? We’ve all spent hours of our time downloading episodes, reading background information, learning trivia, started to refer to characters like they were real people, and go through severe withdrawal when the show ends. I’m going to assume that you’re all nodding your heads in agreement. Yeah, we know what addiction is like. Now, each show is unique in its own way, comparing them is like asking you to choose your favorite cat amongst the four you have wandering around at home (it’s dangerous). So, at the risk of receiving angry emails from a ton of fans, here is an excerpt of a write-up on the top 5 TV towns from my FOG article:


With good schools and a university, an airport, hospital, museum, zoo, beautiful scenery, great shopping, and its very own Slayer, ieieieSunnydale seems like a quiet, unassuming suburban town – apart from it being located on top of a Hellmouth (a portal that’s “between this reality and the next” that’s a veritable cornucopia of fiends and demons and monsters), that is.

This southern California town also has 43 churches (it’s the extra evil vibe from the Hellmouth that makes people pray harder) and 23 cemeteries, which are so much in demand, that services are also held at night. This is largely because Sunnydale’s residents die from monster murders, vampire attacks, demons etc. all the time (the population dropped from 38,500 to 32,000 by the end of the series).

But, as long as you ignore these not-infrequent apocalyptic occurrences (as Nelson Muntz once put it, “Some of us prefer illusion to despair”), and with regular therapy, Sunnydale’s an interesting enough place to live in or visit for a while.

You can read the rest of the article here.  Let me know if you have a favorite TV town that isn’t on my list! xx

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