Article Published In Alive Magazine

Helllo Readers,

A while ago, I wrote a blog post/ article on online shopping because I felt that all those search and buy hours should be used for a higher purpose of sorts. So, I submitted it for publication to Alive (a Delhi press magazine) and then promptly forgot about it. A month later, I received an email from them telling me that they were going to publish my article! Yaayy! And then I promptly forgot about it again. Yeah, I’m adorable like that.

Hah, anyhow, when I came back home for a visit, the lovely people from the magazine had sent me a clipping of my article, which was so nice of them. I was astounded. Do magazines usually do that?


I was happy for a week….and then forgot about it. I know, I know. Then I found the clipping again today, was pleasantly surprised again and then decided I had to blog about it before relapsing into amnesia. Oh, I also discovered that the magazine’s Facebook page has a screenshot of the article too!


And I got paid for it.



Hope you’re having a good day, Readers. Try not to take the weather so personally. xx

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