DIY: Concertina Birthday Book

Hellloo Readers,

Homemade gifts. I love to receive them. I love to make them.

Living in a hill station, at least 5 hours away from the nearest mall kind of restricts your shopping options so you’re forced to think less-commercial, more personal when thinking up presents – which is a good thing. I’d prefer a giant box of homemade chocolate chip cookies to a um, nail grooming kit any day….Moving on. One of the gifts I’m most pleased with making is a concertina birthday book for R – which is just a fancy way of saying, I made her a pretty folded book thing so she can write down birthday dates – yes, this was before Facebook Birthday Reminders existed.


You don’t need lots of money or special ninja skills to make a concertina birthday book. Here’s what you will need:

2 pieces of stiff cardboard (10x17cm)

A sheet of paper (56x15cm)

2 pieces of wrapping paper

2 pieces of ribbon

A glue stick, a ruler, scissors

1. Cut the cardboard and giftwrap both the pieces – make sure you leave equal margins all around.


2. Use glue to stick the ribbons onto the inside of each cover. Make sure that there’s an equal amount of ribbon at each side.

3. Fold the long sheet of paper into a concertina by folding the paper one way and then the other every 8cms. DSC00204

4. Write the name of the month on the top of each folded section and dates down the side. You should have enough folds for January to June on one side, and you can continue the calendar on the opposite side, from July to December.

5. Use glue to stick one end of the paper onto one cardboard sheet and the other end onto the other sheet. Make sure that the paper fits exactly inside the margins of the wrapping paper.


And you’re done.

It’s actually very simple to make. Hopefully, the directions aren’t too confusing. If you follow them, you should end up with something that looks like:




Let me know if you have any questions about making the book. Hope you have fun making this! xx

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