100 Happy Days

Happy New Year, Readers!

I hope that this year you will make more time for long naps, making new friends, sitting alone in silence, trying things you were too disdainful or apprehensive about, and reading this blog of course. I’ve been visiting my friend in Brighton for the holidays and have a bunch of interesting stories for you. Buut, it’s me, so I’m going to pull a Natalie Tran and promise you that I will try to post more regularly this year..just not right now, hah.

However, I am going to try and be less scatterbrained this year, and so I’ve decided to take part in the #100HappyDays thing – which is not a marathon of watching the Tv program as I initially thought it was – what do you mean which TV show? You know, Sunday, Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days, Thursday, Friday, Happy Days, The weekend comes, the cycle hums. Ready to race to you… ? No? You have no idea what I’m on about? Sigh. Sometimes I feel like I’m just talking to myself here.

Annyways, I’m starting the challenge today with this picture of Star Wars AT-ATs graffiti in Brighton which got me instantly excited and cheerful. It is Hoth stuff.


Hopefully, you’ll see a lot more of me this year. Until, well, tomorrow *fingers crossed*, have a good day.


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