100 Happy Days: Day 8

Hello Readers,

You probably saw the Facebook Art Pay It Forward post being shared by someone on your timeline. If you haven’t or you don’t  have Facebook (in which case, I am mightily impressed), it was basically a post that you shared in order to receive a free piece of art. But in turn, you’d have to agree to make art for the first 10 people who shared your own post. Obviously, I took part in it. I am always appreciative of creativity, so I would have sooner given up coffee for Lent than let the chance to get amazing pieces of art from the very talented people I know slip by.

I’ve been quite overwhelmed lately by the amount of coursework I’m having to do, and so it felt natural to create something to reduce the tension, plus I’m quite the multitasker, so I combined my personal form of therapy with my agreement to create something inspired by a picture I saw on tumblr and ended up with this watercolour + ink picture:


I’ve often found happiness in superficial ways – things I own from instance – but, as you all already probably know, we’re very often happiest when we’re doing things that bring happiness to others (which hopefully my picture will do). And, there’s even scientific research to back this up.

And now, back to the Borgen, which is basically the Danish version of The West Wing. Have a good day Readers, and keep warm. xx

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