100 Happy Days: Day 9 +10

Hello everyone,

I hope that y’all are feeling a lot better than I am. I’m down with a cold that has developed into sinusitis, making me extra grumpy, but surprisingly, also more culinarian. I’m unable to focus on anything academic ie. dissertation ideas, so instead I spent most of my day  in the kitchen making fried rice (for the first time in my life).  Yes, yes, go ahead and throw shade my way; I’ve heard it all before. Nevertheless, I was terrified I’d kill somebody in the process, or as a consequence of eating the food. Note: So far it has been 2 hours and I have not died as yet. Great success.

Anyhow, I’ve also been feeling pretty low, generally, in part because of sickness and in part because of stress over the dissertation idea or the lack thereof.  I was actually in no mood to go out, but the Cathedral was having another candlelight service last Saturday, and since I really loved the one they had during Christmas, I forced myself to walk over for the Candlemas service . As usual I was early, and as I was walking around the Cathedral trying to find the door, this huge black cat ran across my path. I froze. Poof died a month before I left to come to the U.K. and the only other cats I’ve seen since are the ones who sneak into my backyard and try to salvage scraps from our rubbish. I tried making friends with them ie. bribing them with food to not run away, but to no avail. They just stare at me from the other side of the yard until I’ve been guilted into leaving them a piece of ham and retreat to my room, and then run forward to eat it. So, I was quite excited to be in the general vicinity of a cat and not have it run away from me.  Annd then, it padded towards me! Now, I was quite sure that it would stop a few feet away from me and then rush off, because cats are evil like that. But, the cat came straight towards me and allowed me to pet her, sat on my feet and even tried to climb into my lap at one point. This is probably because she was pregnant, and I’ve learnt the hard way (ie. Turtle) that pregnant cats will try to charm  a human into taking care of them, but let’s gloss pass that. I crouched/sat in the front of the Cathedral with no one around and in the dark for 20 minutes, happily petting the cat. It made my day.

Oh, I managed to track down the cat from the Cathedral. Apparently, her name is Tilly and she belongs to the Assistant Organist of Canterbury Cathedral.

Tilly, a tortoiseshell cat belonging to the Assistant Organist of Canterbury Cathedral.   Freezing temperatures leading to her sitting on the Welcome Desk in the nave to keep warm!   18th January 2013.

But, I was back to living with a little storm cloud over my head for the rest of the week. And just when I thought I was going to lose it and do something drastic like ignoring ‘This site might harm your computer” warnings or go for a run, the mail arrived and I discovered that I’d received a lovely little belated Christmas present.


And that picked me up faster quicker than two pints of Guinness. Is there anything quite like getting something in the mail?

G’night Readers.I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow


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