Fried Plantains Are Delicious

One of the benefits of living with international students is that you get to learn and taste a lot of new food: Chinese dumplings, beef stew, Malaysian curry and … fried plantains which are a staple in Nigerian meals. I’m someone who likes contrasting flavors in my food – I don’t eat things in an order; often, I’ll eat dessert and an appetizer in alternate mouthfuls, so I was quite pleased to discover that fried plantains are a simple, sweet side-dish and more importantly, incredibly easy to make.

1) These are plantains. Note: They are *not* ripe bananas.


Peel the plantain. Then slice the bananas into medium-thick slices.

2) Fry in oil until the plantain turns from a yellow to a brown colour.

3) Eat.


Try these once, and you’ll be addicted to them; trust me.

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