True Detective Is Ruining My Productivity

Hello Readers (*waves also to everyone who’s gotten here as a result of A Guy, A Girl and Cthulthu*)


Honestly, if I spent half as much time on my dissertation proposal as I do watching True Detective episodes, scouring them for Easter Eggs, looking up ‘True Detective Easter Eggs’ on Google and then reading theories on Reddit and other sites, I’d be acing my course. Then again, I’ve always liked crazy, conspiracy-driven shows – True Detective is basically the Grad School version of LOST. By the end of that show, I’d been trained to scrutinize every goddamn inch of every shot in any episode, research obscure references made in the show and consequently became an expert on topics that will never come up in everyday conversation like time traveling bunnies for example:

and once I get obsessed with a show, I’ll notice insignificant details that no one is supposed to notice – speaking of, did you know that the witch scream during the Buffy opening credits only exists for season one, and that Miss Carpenter’s tombstone should have actually read Janna Kalderash?

Anyways, True Detective is as equally addictive as Buffy and LOST – the plot construction is brilliant, the cinematography is breathtaking and the acting is mesmerizing. I can’t believe that there’s just one episode left. Ugh. But on the other hand, maybe once it ends, I’ll be able to force my attention back to academics (where it rightly belongs). I should have just done my Masters in TV shows and written a dissertation on Murders And Water Bodies: Top Of The Lake, Broad Church and The Killing or Vampires: Victims or Villains in Buffy or something like that.

Okay I’m rambling. I’m too exhausted to go into this in detail but I’d actually intended this post to discuss something I’d been talking to a friend about – whether people who watch shows like LOST and True Detective and get entangled in the Internet discussion of Easter eggs and crazy theories enjoy the experience more than people who just watch the show alone. What do you think?

Until then, there’s plenty to think about: Is the Yellow King a boat? Did Audrey watch a copy of the VHS tape when she was small? Did Rust accidentally kill his daughter?  Have Cohle and Hart prepared to sacrifice their lives to stop the cult? Check out A Guy, A Girl and Cthulthu for entertaining yet perceptive connect-the-dot posts. This show deserves nothing less than fervored and conspiratorial theorizing  until the final hour.



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