Burned Out Covered in Pigeon Crap Cat-less World Cup Enthusiast

Hello Readers!

How’s everyone doing?

First off, credits to Joel Klettke for this post’s title. Having googled ‘most depressing month ever’, I stumbled upon Joel’s blog, and found its  title hilarious, and which I thought was very apt for my post.

As you may have gleaned, this has been a difficult month. I don’t want to go into explaining everything that occurred – I’m still paranoid about committing information to the Internet and never being able to permanently delete it – but suffice it to say that when it rains, it’s the goddamn monsoon. Sure, if you’re a faithful Reader (and I’m confident you are), you’d probably be surprised at my sudden despondency – after all, my last posts have been unabashedly enthusiastic.  It took me quite by surprise as well. Suddenly, due to my own incompetency,my academical average and bank accounts became broken shadows of their former selves, and succumbing to peer pressure, so did my confidence and comfort level. Unexpectedly, I was living out all the issues/problems and international student could face in a different country. Present Adult Masquerading As A Well-Adjusted Adult Me basically became Past Teenage-Angst Riddled Me.

To make things worse (and being reminded of cats), even the Stranger Cat who occasionally stops by our backyard to check our garbage bags, refused to be friends with me. The cats here, I tell you, are all snobby bastards. Yes Reader, I realize this sounds very amusing. Let me hastily add that you have to understand, at that point, it felt like I was such a useless human that even the cat didn’t want to have anything to do with me. Dramatics, yes, I know. My life had suddenly taken a nosedive for worse that when the cat came to visit our backyard a second time, I was too scared to go out and try to bribe it to be friends with me with a nice chicken sausage; I do not think I could have recovered from being rejected as friends material yet another time. Instead, I did what any slightly-crazy-future cat lady would do.

I spied on it from my window.

(Yes, I know I am a creepster, Reader. I know.)

And then, things got worse.

It discovered my unsubtle spying efforts.

It was not impressed…


… as you can see.

I, of course, in a desperate bid to save whatever dignity I had, immediately pretended that I had been studiously looking at the black-and-white bird perched on the wall, slightly to the left of the cat, but I don’t think it was fooled at all.  AT ALL. And, whoever I narrated this unfortunate episode to, just laughed at me!! Bah. The ignominy of it all.

Anyhow, the only reason I’ve managed to not descend into an endless muffin-eating, Buffy-watching cycle is this event you might have heard of – grown men in tight clothes running around a field, kicking a black and white orb to each other and occasionally falling to the ground screaming and writing in simulated pain? You know…

IT’S THE WORLD CUP!! I know, Reader, you were right!! Well done, here’s a virtual cookie for you.

If you haven’t been watching the world cup, it’s not too late to jump onto the bandwagon but you’ve missed a very  exciting tournament so far. This time, all the teams you would normally expect to be completed dominated during the Group Stage have been playing better than the more reputed teams. Australia, the United States, Bosnia & Herzogovina, Uruguay, Mexico have all been at the top of their game, coming out ahead of England, Spain and Italy. It’s quite refreshing to say the least. I’ve spent the last few evenings either at the pub raucously screaming at the televised matches -scaring those around me – or raucously screaming at the live streaming match on my laptop – scaring my flatmates. Ahh, it’s been excellent, especially if you’re on Twitter like me. You get gems like these:




Hahahahahahahahaa, bless. What would I do without Twitter?

Alright Readers, thank you for giving me attention and being such a lovely distraction from the bleakness of this month. I’m off to watch another match.

Until next time,


Vamos La Albiceleste!


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