Plastic Duck Racing

Hello Readers,

I’ve missed your face. Yes, I’m talking about your face. None of the other Readers’, just yours. Heh.

So, how have you lot been then? Watching the World Cup? It’s been a really good one this time, hasn’t it? Very unexpected. Thankfully, Argentina has made it to the finals! Here’s hoping that Pope Francis isn’t as diplomatic as he claims to be, haha. I’ve been so obsessed with football this month, I do  not know what I am going to do with myself once the finals are over. I suppose, it’ll force me to be productive? What a truly horrifying thought.

Anyways, I want to tell you about an event I attended today: a duck race – a plastic duck race to be precise – you know, the ones you buy to keep you company when y̶o̶u̶’̶r̶e̶ your kids are sitting in a bathtub surrounded by foam and bubbles.  I know. These British are crazy . . .

. . . but highly entertaining at the same time. I’d marked the event down in my calendar – I mean who passes up an opportunity to say “So, today, I went to a plastic duck race competition”? So, yesterday morning I set off to the Watergate Gardens. Everyone was lined up waiting for . . something. I wasn’t quite sure, so I picked a spot on one side of the river and hassled a couple of live ducks to pass the time.


Then one of the organizers came around asking if anyone would like to sponsor the prize-winning (£250) duck, and with a hook like that, how could I refuse? (Yes, I am one of those people who always accepts coupons and fliers from people handing them out in the street, and I was also one of those people who used to click on those ‘Click on this and win prizes!’ boxes that pop up online). Yes Reader, I sponsored a rubber duck to float down the river in competition with a 1000 other rubber ducks.


Anyhow….and then, they appeared like a FLOATING MASS OF DEATH!


The live ducks were, I’m sure, completely flummoxed by these rubber alien invaders, but once they got over their shock, they became quite excited, would swim up to the fake ducks, get really confused and then swim away. It was adorable.

DSC01361-001  DSC01364-001 DSC01358-001

Then everyone walked down the river, egging on their ducks until the first rubber duck had floated to the end point and won his/her sponsor the prize money, after which we waited till the last of the ducks floated in.


Unfortunately, my duck did not win the competition, but unfortunately my yellow rubber duck didn’t win, but he gave it a solid effort, floated hard he did. Haha, ahh Canterbury, you’re alright. Alright Readers, I need to go and prep for the Finals tonight!! I hope you enjoyed this little account of my day. Go Argentina!!!!





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