I Never Was A Good Quitter

Well, hello there, readers and random strangers!

It’s been…a year since I last posted? If you’ve stuck around regardless – wow, you might want to clean up your follow list once in a while 🙂 But, no, I’m flattered if you willingly didn’t click the unfollow button and thankful if you just forgot to.

I was/am quite indecisive about blogging online again. For the past year, I’ve found comfort in trusting my opinions, thoughts and dirty little secrets to a gorgeous purple Aninotes journal. It feels strange now to trust them to a public platform, even though to do so was once effortless. To be honest I think it’s because in a journal I don’t have to hold back. I can admit to my fears and weaknesses,  pour anger onto paper, rejoice, confide and complain without holding back; it allows for a rawness that I’m fiercely protective of I suppose.

But since I’m out of journal pages and I’m going a bit loopy(er) at not being able to write anything, I’ve decided to use this space for the time being. Throughout all the tumultuous times, writing has always been the thread of consistency. It doesn’t matter if your words are profound, trivial, or worse – ungrammatical and incorrectly spelt – or whether they go unread or receive praise. You write because you must. And that is all.

So, thanks for sticking around. I appreciate you stopping by and promise I’ll try to post more soon.



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